About Us

Greg Hambleton founded Axe Records in 1972. It is a Canadian-based multi-genre label featuring recordings by an eclectic variety of Artists. Many of these unique successful recordings are from the 1970’s and are available on this site in a digital MP3 download format.

Greg’s Tuesday Music Productions and his associated publishing companies (Belsize Park Music and Axe Music/Bluenose Music) started signing artists in 1967 and licensing masters to a variety of distributors – The Fringe (Quality), Jack Cooke & The Pendulum (London), Fergus (Capitol) and finally Steel River, a 5 man R&B band from Toronto’s east end. Their first single “Ten Pound Note” (1970) was released on Greg Hambleton’s Tuesday Records label. It became an instant radio and sales hit across Canada and a regional hit in the States with the indie Stereo Dimension Records (Evolution label). Followup singles, albums and other signings and releases followed such as Madrigal‘s “I Believe In Sunshine” (one of the top singles of 1972).

Axe Records was formed in 1971 to market “Stop Me From Believing” by Rain with lead singer Charity Brown (AXE 1). Gary And Dave followed with “Can’t You Do It Now” (AXE 2) and by Thundermug‘s “You Really Got Me” (AXE 3) and by November 1973, Axe Records hit #1 in Canada with Gary And Dave‘s “Could You Ever Love Me Again

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