Gary And Dave - Together

Gary And Dave


As live performers, Gary And Dave were hilarious with a song and comedy act that helped ensure their success. They started slowly with their debut single “I’m A Rider“; then the first Axe single in 1971 “Can’t You Do It Now” (AXE 2) and gained momentum with their third “Here It Comes Again“. The fourth single, “Could You Ever Love Me Again” reached number one on the Top 100 in November 1973 as the album and single charted across Canada supported by their first cross-Canada tour opening for The Stampeders.

Together, their first album was released in 1974 and includes their follow-up success “I Fell In Love With You Sometime“. By late 1974, London Records had released Gary and Dave’s recordings in the United States and many other countries (reaching #4 in Australia).

Gary Weeks and Dave Beckett‘s second album, Forever, contains the original classic recordings of “I May Never See You Again“, “All In The Past Now” and “I Can’t Find The Words“.

Gary Weeks and Dave Beckett took flying lessons while on the road, receiving their pilot licenses and flew for a time for Air Canada between Ottawa and Montreal. Dave has three grown daughters and lives with his second wife Katia in Brazil commuting to South Korea where he is a flying instructor for Boeing. Gary and Claudette have three grown sons and after joining the ministry, served for many years in Ireland and more recently in Toronto.

Accoustic Guitars: Gary Weeks, Stan Theriault & Paul Clinch
Drums: Paul Clinch & Gary Weeks (#4)
Bass: Joey Dinardo & Fergus (#4)
Piano & Organ: Peter Goodale
Lead Guitar: Stan Theriault
Production: Greg Hambleton
Engineers: Greg Hambleton, Terry Brown & Dave Slagter
Studios: Sound Canada & Toronto Sound 1970-1973

String & Horn Arrangements: Doug Randle

Cover Photo: Arnaud Maggs
Design & Airbrush: Roger Hill
All songs published by AXE MUSIC
CD and more info: Together

ⓟ & © 2014 Greg Hambleton
Axe Records DL-A503