Greg Hambleton Between The Sea And The Sky

Greg Hambleton

Between The Sea And The Sky

Recorded in the spring and summer of 2017, all songs reflect Greg’s personal perspective on life and the world we live in today. Accompanied by bassist Chris Banks, Greg sang and played quitar on all tracks.

Jason Kenemy added his unique piano touch on “I”m Gonna Love You Forever”, “Louise” & “That’s Music To My Ears”. Solos by cellist Monica Fedrigo on the iconic title track, “Between The Sea And The Sky“, Julia Hambleton‘s clarinet solo on “Love Is Like A Melody” and David French‘s tenor sax solo on “I Live In Dreams” added warmth and colour to the album.

Born in Toronto, Greg Hambleton was the eldest of 4 brothers and a sister. Greg studied violin but the age of 18 also took an interest in the guitar. He started writing songs while still in high school and after performing in Toronto’s Yorkville coffee house scene, he recorded several singles in Toronto and London, England.

After his English sessions, Greg decided to take time off from his performing career while he educated himself on the recording and production process. He worked for several years as an independent recording engineer at Sound Canada before signing and producing Artists for his own labels.

Greg engineered and/or produced successful recordings in the 60s and 70s by The Irish Rovers, Stampeders & Stompin’ Tom Conners and his own artists on his Axe Records label such as Gary and Dave, Thundermug, Steel River, Rain and Major Hooples Boarding House.


Musicians: Greg Hambleton, Chris Banks, Jason Kenemy, Julia Hambleton, David French & Monica Fedrigo
Recorded at Melvin and Abell 2017
‘They Make You Wonder’ is not included in this download version.

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ⓟ & © 2017 Greg Hambleton
Axe Records DL-A544