Rain with Charity Brown


The Rain Album

At first, “Out Of My Mind‘ was a top 10 record across Canada in 1971, but in 1976 it crossed the Atlantic and became a “Northern Soul” hit in England. Clubs in northern England (like the Wigan Casino) became infatuated with the record and dealers started importing thousands of records from Canada. The song was featured in the UK Granada documentary “Northern Soul – This England”.

Members of RAIN are (L-R) drummer Chris Woroch, guitarist Bill McLaughlin, lead vocalist Phyllis ‘Charity’ Brown, bassist Ron Hiller and keyboards Charlie Hall.

Greg Hambleton brought his song “Out Of My Mind” to Rain and recorded the session at Sound Canada Studios in early 1971. After its release by London Records in April ’71, it took seven months before finally charting in November and is now established as one of the biggest hits of that year. This was followed by “Stop Me From Believing” (AXE 1) – both singles released by Bell Records in the United States.

Produced by Greg Hambleton, this digital version of their 70s album was mastered from the original analog recordings by engineers Greg Hambleton and Terry Brown.

For CD version and more info: Rain with Charity Brown