Children Of The Stars

This is the complete digital version of STARCHILD‘s CHILDREN OF THE STARS album plus both sides of their vinyl 45rpm single “No Control (For Rock And Roll)” b/w “Detroit Rocker” re-mastered from the original analog masters.

Starchild was formed in 1975 in Cambridge, Ontario when Bob Sprenger, Rick Whittier, and Neil Light, who played in a steady gigging band called Gaslight, decided to reform as a heavier rock band. The name of the band came from the Starchild Trilogy written by Frederik Pohl and Jack Williamson. Most of the band members were huge science fiction fans, and when the band’s producer Greg Hambleton (who also signed Steel River to his Axe/Tuesday label) wanted something more futuristic sounding than the previous name, Thorne, the name change to Starchild was unanimous. After going through a few different drummers, they hired Greg “Fritz” Hinz and hit the road full time. Rick Whittier, lead vocalist, passed away in September 2015.

Children of the Stars was recorded in Toronto in the autumn of 1977 and released in the spring of 1978. The band opened for fellow Canadian rockers Triumph, Goddo, and Moxy as well as others.

Richard Whittier: vocals
Robert Sprenger: guitar
Neil Light: bass
Gregory Hinz: drums

All songs written by Starchild
Published by Axe Music
Produced by Greg Hambleton
Engineered by Don Geppert at Captain Audio 1977-78
“Detroit Rocker” & “No Control” produced by the band
Compact Disk available: Axe Records

Cover Design: Michael Baldwin

ⓟ & © 2015 Greg Hambleton
Axe Records DL-A521